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If you have a wound that won’t heal, call Dr. Aycock at the Wound Care Clinic in Hamilton.

Dr. Thomas Aycock

If you have a wound that won’t heal, Dr. Thomas Aycock and a team of specialists at the Wound Care Clinic in Hamilton can help.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Aycock has been treating patients for a variety of illnesses, and today, he specializes in advanced wound care.

I sat down for an interview with Dr. Aycock last week, as he took a lunch break from seeing patients.

He told me that one of the most common types of wounds he treats are vascular; arterial or venous ulcers, traumatic injuries, surgical, pressure related and non-healing wounds.

“Specializing in wound care was a natural flow after a long career in general surgery,” Dr. Aycock told Beneath the Surface News. “Advanced wound care is the opportunity to offer patient evidenced based techniques that are ongoing for the advancement of wound healing including negative pressure wound therapy, skin substitutes, advanced wound care products, antibiotic therapy and appropriate diagnostics.”

Dr. Aycock explained that wounds can be difficult to heal due to several underlying factors.

“Many disease processes including diabetes mellitus, heart disease, neglected wounds and smoking can all delay the healing process,” he said.

Hamilton Healthcare System opened its outpatient wound clinic in 2017 with Dr. Aycock performing procedures only one day a week.

But it didn’t take long for things to change.

Today, the clinic is open Monday through Friday with a dedicated team of physicians caring for patients in Hamilton, Erath and surrounding counties.

You can reach Dr. Aycock by calling 254-386-1531 or by requesting a referral from your primary care physician.


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