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Teenage porch pirate turns herself in to police. 'She didn't like the publicity.'

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Police have identified this young woman as Kaydee Ann Ramsey

Twenty-four hours after a warrant was issued for the arrest of Kaydee Ann Ramsey, the alleged teenage porch pirate turned herself into police.

Captain James Gresham with the Stephenville Police Department told Beneath the Surface News that the 18-year-old turned herself in on Friday because "she didn't like the publicity."

Ramsey was caught on surveillance walking up to a home in Stephenville and stealing several packages and a box of drill bits from the front porch.

The video shows her walking up to the front door and glancing to her left before picking up a large sack of dog food and other groceries that had been delivered to the home.

Hours later, homeowner Callie Fender posted the video to Facebook and it didn’t take long for online sleuths to identify the woman as Ramsey.

Fender turned the video and name over to police who confirmed that Ramsey appeared to be the thief after comparing photos of her to images taken from the video.

(Turns out she is not unfamiliar to police.)

One day after police asked the public for help locating her, Ramsey magically reappeared.

Funny how that happens.


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