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Openings available at the Erath County Vaccination Center this week. Here’s how to get your shot.

Officials working at the Erath County Vaccination Center are encouraging those who qualify for the Covid-19 vaccine to sign up as soon as possible because there is a good chance they can get their shot soon.

Lt. James Gresham told Beneath the Surface News that the center received a substantial allotment of doses from the state this week.

“We are aiming to give 380 shots every day this week,” Gresham said. “And we need people to register so we know who to give these doses to.”

Those who now qualify to receive the vaccine include anyone 65 and older, educators and employees at childcare facilities and those with medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disorders.

You can register now by clicking here.

An official with the Erath County Vaccination Center will then call you with an appointment time.

As of Monday morning, the center has administered 4,182 total doses with 746 of those being second doses.


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