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New Tarleton-themed street signs depict Texan territory in Stephenville.

TSU Media Relations

Seeing shades of purple as you drive around town? An almost year-long initiative between Tarleton State University and the city of Stephenville recently concluded with the installation of 36 Tarleton-themed signs on streets bordering the campus.

The signs along West Washington Street, North Harbin Drive, North McIlhaney Street and West Frey and other intersections along the perimeter now sport eye-catching purple placards that pop with white letters and the Tarleton logo emblazoned on the edge.

Lindsay Hope, Tarleton’s manager of licensing and trademarks, spearheaded the move, first cruising about in a golf cart to identify all the streets and intersections touching the campus, then consulting with Stephenville Streets Superintendent Randy Singleton.

“The city of Stephenville could not have been more helpful,” Hope said. “From recommending reputable sign companies to installing the signs, they were amazing to work with. Now the streets ‘bleed purple,’ and when you enter campus you know you’re entering Texan Nation.”

One major sign, over the stoplight at West Washington Street/South Lillian Street, could not be changed because TxDOT maintains it.

Singleton said the new signs should have the same visibility and reflective qualities as the previous green ones. All are HIP (high intensity prismatic) white lettering on dark backgrounds.

“Definitely being purple catches people’s attention here in Stephenville,” he said. “I’ve heard a few people say how nice they look. With the Tarleton emblem on the edge, they look really good.”


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