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It’s over: Judge moves to accept state’s motion to dismiss case against county treasurer.

Erath County Courthouse

It took about an hour of arguments Wednesday before Judge Stephen Ellis ruled that the case brought against Erath County treasurer Kimberly Barrier by Judge Alfonso Campos is over.

Judge Ellis ruled that the court would accept District Attorney Alan Nash’s motion to dismiss the case without hearing any additional information on who should pay for Barrier’s court costs and attorney fees.

Her attorneys, Jim Elliott and Ryan Taylor, argued that the original case against Barrier was a political witch hunt and without merit and asked the judge to grant a continuance.

But Ellis wasn’t having it.

After listening to 60 minutes of heated arguments, Ellis abruptly ruled that the case was over and Barrier would be responsible for paying her own legal fees.

When asked for a final comment on the matter, Nash told Beneath the Surface News, “I hope and pray for the success of our treasurer and all our county government.”

There's been no word from Barrier’s side.


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