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I’m totally in love with my new Fragrance Flowers. They smell amazing and are so pretty!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Isn't this pretty?

I treated myself to a present.

After writing a story about local gift ideas for Mother’s Day, I decided to order one of the items for myself.

And boy, I’m so glad I did.

My (two) new Fragrance Flowers from Scentsy arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon, and now my house smells amazing.

I ordered Sea Salt and Avocado, a clean scent that smells fresh and summery. One is in my kitchen and the other is in my living room.

Not only do they smell amazing, they are so pretty!

The flowers are all handcrafted so no two are exactly alike.

They are one of Scentsy’s newest products and come in a variety of other scents like Aloe and Cucumber, Go Go Mango, Pink Cotton and Amazon Rain.

And the best part? They are only $18.

You can get your hands on one of these beauties by ordering through local Scentsy distributor Stef King Swindell.

Email her at or visit her website at


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