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Huckabay ISD goes on lockdown after angry man shows up on campus.

Students at Huckabay ISD were placed in lockdown Wednesday morning when a man, reportedly angry that his divorce had become final, showed up at the school where his ex-wife is a teacher.

Superintendent Wes Corzine told Beneath the Surface News that school officials were notified about 9:30 a.m. that a man - identified as Raul Perez - was possibly on his way to the school.

"So we made the decision to put the school on lockdown before he even arrived,” Corzine said.

Within two minutes, the entire campus was placed on lockdown and authorities were notified.

A short time later, Perez showed up at the school and was met in the parking lot by administration.

“He was asking for (his ex-wife) and we told him she wasn’t here,” Corzine said. “He accused us of lying and walked to her classroom window to look inside but he couldn’t see anything because of the lockdown.”

Perez finally left on his own and was met by Erath County sheriff’s deputies on Hwy. 108.

Perez was not arrested, but school officials did file a criminal trespass warning, which prohibits him from going back to the school.

Corzine said he is proud of the speed in which school officials reacted and is relieved that the situation didn’t escalate.

“We train for this; we do drills to practice and I feel 100 percent confident that we did everything we could to keep our students and staff safe,” Corzine said.


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