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Hop on over to Frames Etc where you will find everything you need for spring.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

One of Stephenville’s longest-serving retailers is ready for spring.

I stopped by Frames Etc this week to pick up a few things I can’t live without: Glam Wash (Diva scent), refills of Sunday Beach handwash (it smells like summer) and a couple of candles.

I like things that smell good.

Frames Etc, located in downtown Stephenville, is full of new items that will help you get ready for spring. (Not to mention the 15,000 books for your summer reading pleasure.)

And Easter? Well, owner Julie Lowrance has that covered too.

“We are busy putting together Easter baskets this time of year,” Julie told Beneath the Surface News. “Customers can come in and pick out what they want or they can call and tell me how much they want to spend and we will put something together that is fun and unique.”

And by “fun and unique,” she means Easter-themed bath bombs, flower diffusers, cupcake soaps, cute T-shirts, Hico popcorn and jars of delicious candy.

My new favorite thing Frames Etc has is the spring and summer line of Camp Craft Cocktails.

These festive jars come with everything you need to make an infused cocktail. Think pineapple jalapeno, aromatic citrus, sangria, brunch punch, cranberry martini, lavender lemonade, boathouse punch and hibiscus ginger lemon.

Simply add 12 ounces of your favorite liquor, refrigerate for three days, and voila!

(For the non-alcohol version, use hot water.)

Enjoy those cocktails poolside in a summer tumbler that says “Beach more, worry less.”

Here’s what else you will find at Frames Etc: Easter and spring dishes that will brighten up your brunch table, tons of seasonal candles, funny dish towels, socks and coffee mugs, puzzles, Texas-made olive oil in a variety of infused flavors like rosemary, garlic, basil, jalapeno and hatch green chile (click here) and Spongeables (click here).

Shopping at Frames Etc is always fun because Julie constantly keeps a rotating inventory, so there is always something new to discover.

And here’s the good news; it’s not too late to place those orders for Easter baskets.


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