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Take your cooking up a notch with these Texas-made infused olive oils at Frames Etc.

I cook with olive oil a lot.

So I was excited when my friends Lisa and LeAnn told me about these infused olive oils they purchased at Frames Etc in Stephenville.

I boogied downtown pretty quickly to purchase a bottle for myself, and let me tell you; there’s big reason to rave.

This olive oil is made by the Texas Hill Country Olive Company in Dripping Springs and it’s amazing.

I purchased a bottle of infused jalapeno and have used it on baked chicken and our morning avocado toast.

Julie Lowrance, owner of Frames Etc, began carrying the line this summer after several of her customers suggested it.

“We carried a lot of Texas-made products already, so it made sense,” Julie told Beneath the Surface News. “The products are very popular and the cool thing is that it’s a father-daughter owned company.”

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. also has a line of barrel aged balsamic vinegar that comes traditional or in a variety of flavors like white lemon, fig, peach and blackberry. (You can get that at Frames Etc too.)

The line of infused olive oil also includes rosemary, basil, blood orange, garlic, lemon and hatch green chile.

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has several recipes on its website I can hardly wait to try.

You should check it out.


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