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Gilbert Intermediate placed on ‘lockout’ as police track teenage suspect spotted in parking lot.

Gilbert Intermediate was placed on “lockout” for about an hour Tuesday when Stephenville police spotted a 16-year-old male wanted for violating his probation walking across the school’s parking lot.

“(The suspect) took off running, and out of an abundance of caution, we locked out the campus,” Captain James Gresham told Beneath the Surface News.

After a foot chase involving Stephenville police and deputies with the Erath County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect was caught on Meadowlark in what Gresham described as a “muddy mess.”

The suspect is a Stephenville resident, but is not enrolled in SISD.

“The school was secure and the staff did everything right,” Gresham said. “In fact, some of the school’s cameras helped us determine what direction he went, which helped us locate him.”

The juvenile is not described as violent, but has been arrested for property crimes.

Shortly after he was taken into custody Tuesday, the suspect was back in Judge Blake Thompson’s courtroom where arrangements were being made for his detention.


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