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Want a brighter complexion and healthy looking skin? Try these products by Ursa Major. I’m obsessed.

I turn 52 next week.

Fifty. Two.

That’s a pretty big number, and over the past five decades, I’ve put my skin through the wringer.

When I hit the mid-40s, sun damage, crow’s feet and a dull, lifeless complexion had me looking older than my age so I decided to put more effort into my skin care routine.

I started regular IPL and microneedling treatments at Pure Image, which have done wonders for my complexion, then I began searching for makeup made specifically for women my age (Fiera is amazing and I wrote about it here) and I protect my face from the sun like a mother protects her offspring.

I’ve also tried a slew of moisturizers over the years, and while a few of them worked well enough, the majority were duds.

So I’ve continued searching for something that would make a real difference in my complexion - and I finally found it.

I follow a lot of women-over-50 Instagrammers and an ad for Ursa Major popped up one day (I had never heard of the company before).

I began doing a little research on its products and became intrigued.

Ursa Major means “the great bear” in Latin and is the largest visible constellation in the northern sky.

“To us, it’s a powerful reminder to follow your inner compass and forge your own path in life,” the website states.

Stellar product reviews, many from women my age, convinced me to give it a try.

I ordered the Golden Hour Recovery Cream and Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum, and after using them every night for the past month, there is a visible difference in my complexion.

The dark spots have lightened significantly and I have noticed an overall tighter, brighter complexion.

That sad, sallow look I was once sporting is long gone.

The smell is subtle (very spa-like) and the cream is light and absorbs well into the skin.

I was having dinner with friends at Caam’s last week and they snapped a picture of The Husband and me.

My friend says I'm glow-y in this pic with The Husband. I don't normally glow, but I'll take it.

The friend taking the picture said, “Oh my gosh, Sara, you are glowing!”

I am?! I never glow!”

I have no doubt that the difference she saw is because of the products I am using from Ursa Major.

They really are that good.

And so is the price; the recovery cream is $52 and the serum is $56.

I have already placed my next order (I’m not chancing running out of this stuff) and plan to give a few of the company’s other products a try as well.

If you’re looking for a new skincare routine that will make a visible difference in your appearance, give Ursa Major a try.

You won’t be disappointed.


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