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My experience with microneedling and what it did for me.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Me and my official beauty-maker, Amy Roach, pictured during a shopping night at Hearsay Wine Bar. This photo was taken about one month after microneedling.

My quest to improve my aging complexion continues.

And for that I have turned to Amy Roach, an expert on a variety of procedures to address problems that come with the pitfalls of getting older.

I started receiving Botox from Amy on a regular basis last year. She is a licensed RN and chief injector at Pure Image in Stephenville.

During one of my treatments, I talked to her about the things that trouble me most about my face; brown spots caused from years of sun damage, uneven skin tone, bags under my eyes and a few too many crinkles.

Getting older is super fun.

Amy recommended two things she said would help: A series of IPL procedures to treat the brown spots and microneedling that would improve the overall appearance and texture of my complexion.

I have already written about my experience with IPL and kicked my vanity to the curb when I posted before and after pics. They were astounding. You can read about it here.

In January, I had my first microneedling treatment.

The procedure uses tiny needles to prick the skin to produce collagen and generate new skin tissue for a smoother and firmer looking complexion.

But it hurts a little.

I’m a bit of a crybaby when it comes to pain, but if you have a higher threshold than I do, this will be a breeze.

For me, the discomfort was enough to have me clenching my fists and praising Jesus when it was over. (The procedure took about 45 minutes and that includes time for a numbing cream to take effect.)

I left Pure Image that day looking like I had a bad sunburn and my face stung a little, but it immediately felt tighter. I treated it with a soothing lotion Amy gave me and stayed away from makeup or putting any other creams on my face for the next couple of days.

I also experienced some peeling.

But in the days that followed, I began to see a noticeable difference; my face was tighter, smoother and clearer. And it was glowing.

About a week later, I enjoyed an evening out with The Husband at Hearsay Wine Bar and I am not exaggerating when I say that at least five different women asked what I had done.

I can’t say enough good things about microneedling and it will definitely be something I continue.

Do a little research on it and if you think you could benefit from microneedling, give Amy a call at Pure Image.


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