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Erath County jury finds Resendez not guilty of indecency with a child.

Updated: May 1


After two days of testimony, an Erath County jury on Friday found 39-year-old Reynaldo Resendez Jr. not guilty of indecency with a child


The two-day trial held in the 266th Judicial District Court included testimony from the now 17-year-old victim, her mother and sister, investigators and a SANE nurse.


The victim testified that in the early morning hours of Christmas Eve 2021, she woke to find Resendez touching her.


Immediately after Resendez left her bedroom, she called her older sister who immediately came home, grabbed a knife from the kitchen and confronted Resendez.


Resendez, a registered sex offender, was convicted of indecency with a child in a separate case when he was 19 and sentenced to two years in prison.

In 2016, he was acquitted for the same crime in Taylor County. (And yeah, he had the same attorneys.)


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Carroll Quarles
Carroll Quarles
Apr 30

Either there was no evidence, the prosecutors are ineffective, or the jurors are stupid. Either way, a sex offender is free to reoffend.

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