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Voters overwhelmingly pass liquor sales in Erath County, so what’s next?

Voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly passed a measure making liquor sales available for the first time in Erath County.

Proposition A passed with 2,655 voting in favor of alcohol sales and 935 voting against it.

Now many people are wondering, what’s next?

Erath County Clerk Gwinda Jones said the next step in the process takes place on Monday, Nov. 8, when she presents the canvassed votes to commissioners.

“After commissioners court approves the canvass, I will forward the certification to the TABC and secretary of state,” Jones told Beneath the Surface News. “After that has been received by them, it is my understanding that new applications can be filed.”

So depending on how fast the state moves on approving those applications, Erath County could be selling holiday cheer sooner rather than later.


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