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‘Tremendous’ spike in COVID cases prompts county judge to issue warning of another shutdown.


Erath County is experiencing a tremendous increase in the number of infections of the COVID-19 virus.

Since June 21, there have been 86 positive test results and the total number of cases stands at 149.

The increase in cases has included an increase in hospitalizations as well.

Statewide, counties and jurisdictions have begun implementing measures and strategies to reduce the spread. We need to find strategies that do not involve shutting businesses down again. No one wants that.

Our economy suffers and our citizens suffer as well with loss of employment or reduction of hours. Businesses suffer reduced sales and some are not able to stay open.

Do we have to choose between jobs and health? Better yet, what measures are we willing to take so we can have both?

I want to recommend that we take all measures to reverse the current trend. If this includes wearing a facial covering to protect those around us, we should do that.

We act responsibly to protect ourselves, let’s act responsibly to protect others as well.

Whether at a grocery store or hardware store or any other business, taking precautions serves to protect the workers who risk exposure every day to remain in the frontlines delivering goods and services to us.

Let’s be considerate of others!

Covering the face in public is recommended by state and local health authorities.

Let’s adhere to the safety protocols developed by our medical experts and recommended by Governor Abbott:

• Wear a face covering in public

• Stay six feet apart

• Wash or sanitize hands often

• If sick, get tested and stay at home

• Stay home when possible

We can protect lives while also restoring and maintaining livelihoods. We can keep each others safe and keep our county open for business.

Let’s get this done, the alternative may be another shutdown.

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Jul 03, 2020

So many questions:

Why didn't the CDC recommend cloth face coverings at the beginning when they said they were saving masks for health care professionals? Their statement was masks aren't effective, now they are?

If there were 86 after June 21st, are the other 63 no longer active cases? If they aren't, isn't it only 86 active cases then? How many of those 86 are actually active?

If our county has over 40,000 residents and one death from COVID, what's the actual lethality of this virus? If 42% of our nations deaths have come from nursing homes, why don't we take extra precautions there while we let the younger and healthier of us get back to work?

How many people…

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