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Tiny house, big fun: Stay the night inside a 20-foot shipping container you can rent through Airbnb.

If it’s cozy you like, this is for you.

Greg and Polly Hamilton have converted a 20-foot shipping container into what they call a “tiny home” and you can rent it for a night (or longer) on Airbnb.

“We wanted a place for parents of Tarleton students to come see their kiddos,” Greg told Beneath the Surface News. “It’s got a fire pit and picnic tables so families can visit and enjoy their stay.”

The tiny home includes a bedroom with queen size bed, kitchenette with sink, microwave and small fridge, bathroom with shower, and of course, heat and air conditioning.

“It sleeps two people comfortably and we have all the amenities of a hotel room,” Greg said.

This unique space can be rented for $132 per night. Click here to check it out.


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