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Tina Holzschuh possesses the knowledge, wisdom to become Erath County’s next tax assessor.

 It is my privilege to write this letter on behalf of Tina Holzschuh. She is running for the Tax Assessor for Erath County.


Tina is the most qualified candidate for the position. Tina has the experience of working in a high paced environment and government offices with numerous years of experience with the Attorney General Office.


Tina possesses the knowledge and wisdom to be able to successfully do this elected position. She has taken the necessary steps to prepare for the position and ensure she is ready for the task the office requires. 


Tina has spent her time with the current Tax Accessor Jennifer Carey and knows what it is going to require of her to do the position. She knows what kind of responsibilities goes with the elected position and is ready to step up and take on those responsibility for the citizen of Erath County.


Tina is the hardworking individual that we are looking for in this county and is dedicated to making sure she fulfills the position to the best of her abilities. 

 I have had the pleasure of getting to know Tina and her family. She has raised 4 amazing children that have all become wonderful community members where they live. She is a member of the First Baptist Church of Stephenville and is a devout Christian. She is an outstanding community member since joining our town. 


I am thankful to have her as a friend and would highly recommend Tina Holzschuh as the next Erath County Tax Assessor because she is the most qualified candidate for this position. 


Todd Philips,

Owner STP Hauling



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