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This RN's aesthetic practice will have you looking your very best. (I am thrilled with my first treatments.)

Meet Kacey Lowery. Photo/Taylor Ashford – Magnolia Ranch Designs


If you share the idea that getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up a youthful glow, a visit to Kacey Lowery Aesthetics should be on your to-do-list.


The Stephenville-based clinic offers a variety of treatments to help women and men look and feel their very best.

“My practice offers numerous treatments for people of all ages,” Kacey told Beneath the Surface News. “We offer neurotoxin injections such as Botox and Dysport to help soften fine-lines and wrinkles.


“Botox can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), TMJ pain, migraines, teeth grinding and jaw clenching.


“One of my favorite things to offer is a facial balancing consultation. When clients come into my office, I do a full face and neck assessment to get a better understanding of what their goals are. Then we make a game plan and stick to a schedule of injections to reach those goals.”

Kacey graduated from Tarleton State University with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science and nursing. She is a licensed RN who opened her practice in Stephenville almost a year ago. 


“I worked at a medical spa in Granbury for about a year where I trained with an amazing woman named Hanna,” she said. “I attend numerous trainings throughout the year to learn the newest and safest techniques; patient safety is my No. 1 priority when practicing aesthetics.”




As we age, we lose collagen, elasticity and overall volume in our face, leaving us looking tired and older than we actually are.


“I love regenerative medicine and it’s why I use Sculptra. It’s an FDA-approved stimulator that replaces lost collagen,” she said. “Sculptra is wonderful for volume loss in the face and leaves clients looking refreshed and more youthful.”


As a facial-balancing treatment, Kacey uses hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

“Dermal fillers are a non-surgical way to enhance and replace volume loss, while contouring the face and giving you a more balanced profile,” she said. “I also offer Kybella, a product that is great for treating that pesky double chin.”


Kacey said those looking to reverse the signs of aging should use medical-grade products on their face and neck.


“I offer a skincare line called Alastin. It is the most studied medical grade skin care on the market today,” she said. “They have everything from cleansers, hyaluronic acid serums, brightening serum, vitamin C and regenerating skin nectar.”

Kacey said the most common concern she hears from clients is the fear that injections will leave them looking “fake.”


“That’s why it’s important to find an injector that is best for you and aligns with your values and goals,” she said. “I like my clients to look as natural as possible.”


To schedule an appointment, call or text 817-736-9976.


You can also follow Kacey on Instagram @injectorkace.

I enjoyed some quality time with The Daughter last weekend. This photo was taken about a month after getting derma fillers in my cheeks and lips.



I learned that Kacey Lowery had opened an aesthetics practice in Stephenville from my sister-in-law who began receiving treatments from her when she worked in Granbury.


I began using derma fillers in my cheeks a couple of years ago and fell in love with the treatments.


At 53, I had also begun to notice a loss of volume in my lips and wrinkles around the mouth, but was nervous to get lip filler.

My sister-in-law convinced me that Kacey knew what she was doing so I scheduled an appointment with her last month and I’m so glad I did.


After a full consultation, Kacey touched up my cheek filler and injected a full syringe of Restylane Kysse into my lips.


The results were immediate and absolutely perfect. (Aside from some “pinching,” the pain level was more than tolerable.)


The fine lines around my mouth have diminished and my lips look amazing.


I wish I had done it sooner.









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lekor adams
lekor adams
Mar 20

This RN's aesthetic practice promises not just transformative beauty treatments but an experience that will have you looking and feeling your absolute best. Just as Metro Sales is dedicated to equipping businesses with the highest quality office technology tailored to the modern office environment, this aesthetic practice utilizes the latest advancements in skincare and aesthetic techniques to ensure each client receives personalized, top-tier care. The parallel here is the commitment to excellence; while Metro Sales enhances the efficiency and productivity of workplaces with superior office solutions, this RN's practice focuses on elevating individual confidence and well-being through expert aesthetic interventions. Both entities understand the importance of utilizing the best tools and technologies available to achieve outstanding results, whether it's in…

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