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These spring cleaning tips work great and cost less than $1.

Updated: Mar 22, 2022


Readers love this post every year because it has so many practical spring cleaning tips to use. All of these tips are cheap, and some are even free!

Here are some of my favorites:

Deodorize small spaces with coffee grounds

You can use fresh coffee grounds or used coffee grounds for this. I recently did this little trick for my small front closet that had a musty smell from winter clothes, the vacuum and other things.

Add grounds to a bowl and place in the back of the area. Coffee grounds work to neutralize odors.

This is best in a small space like a tiny closet, drawer or cabinet that has an old smell to it.

Freshen rugs and carpets

I just finished doing this to my entire house because the carpets always seem to be the dirtiest thing after winter.

I use this 3 ingredient carpet cleaner with just the baking soda and vinegar. Then I lightly scrub it with a scrub brush. Allow it to dry, then vacuum.

The carpets not only look brighter, but they are all fluffy and clean.

For the bedrooms, I just use my 2 ingredient carpet powder to freshen them. They don’t get as dirty, so this is perfect.

Clean patio furniture with water, soap and lemon

It is officially time to get the patio furniture ready.

My favorite thing to do is get a big bowl of hot water, add a few tablespoons of dish soap, then squeeze fresh lemon juice into it. I take a rag and clean all the patio furniture off with the mixture.

Then spray it with a rubber hose or wipe it clean.

Clean throw pillows

I like to use this all-purpose everything cleaner from the eBook to spray on my throw pillows. It gets rid of stains and cleans them well. After I spray and rub them down with this cleaner, I pop them into the dryer until they are no longer damp.

They get so fluffy!

If you don’t own the eBook. Just use some hot soapy water to clean throw pillows and throw into dryer.

Rubbing alcohol for electronics and remotes

I clean my electronics often, but there are some that get overlooked during the winter.

Remote controls are always dirty. I use rubbing alcohol to clean everything like this.

It dries quickly, disinfects and removes dust. I also pair it with microfiber clothes!

I do this to my laptop, tablet, phone, cords, controls, tv screen, computer, and anything that has been touched.

Don’t forget to check out the blog post for more tips!

Alexis Rochester is an investigative chemist, blogger and founder of Chemistry Cachet. She shares science-based skin care, cleaning, gardening and health tips. She was diagnosed with RA at age 10, so she has a passion for pain management tips and research, along with sharing her journey through this disease. When she’s not writing for Chemistry Cachet, she is taking Pilates or Barre classes, and also received her Barre teaching certification this year! She grew up in Stephenville and recently moved back with her daughter, husband and bulldog. You can find her posting pictures and fun stories daily on Instagram. Also look for Chemistry Cachet on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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