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The Bosque River Trail is an outdoor gem you should be taking advantage of.

The Bosque River Trail in Stephenville.


I used to enjoy running, but my back made it clear that I should slow down. So now I walk.

My morning walks usually take place on a dusty road where the smell of cow doo permeates the air and an occasional buzzard circles overhead.

It’s peaceful.

But on a recent sunny morning, I needed something different.

So I stepped into my walking shoes and drove into town to take on the Bosque River Trail, a hiking, biking and walking path that meanders along the north bank of Stephenville’s Bosque River.

I had forgotten how beautiful it is.

Along the trail is an area with herbs and native plants.

The 1.5-mile trail is sprinkled with benches, mile-markers and places to stop for a potty break.

Native plants and greenery combined with a woodsy feel is something pretty magical.

I actually expected to bump into Hansel and Gretel along the way.

Instead I encountered dozens of people like you and me out for a little exercise and fresh air.

Some rode bicycles while others walked their dogs or jogged.

I even ran into one man lugging a fairly heavy looking dumbbell.

I was impressed.

But here is the important thing: Everyone was smiling, grateful to get out of the house and enjoy some time outdoors.

With beautiful weather in the forecast, I’ll be heading back this week. You should go too.

It’s one of Stephenville’s shiniest gems.

I’ll take it over a dusty road any day.


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