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Tarleton State University extends priority date for need-based financial aid. Here’s what you need to know.

TSU Media Relations


Tarleton State University has extended its priority consideration date to May 1 for institutional, need based aid, including need-based scholarships.


The move comes as a response to Department of Education delays in delivering Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applicant data to institutions, as well as problems with the rollout of federally mandated changes in the application itself.


While technical glitches and lack of updated data have caused frustration for students, parents and financial aid offices across the country, Tarleton President Dr. James Hurley said the university is monitoring the situation and reacting accordingly.


“We are adjusting our processes to compensate for the challenges presented by the Department of Education’s changes to FAFSA,” Dr. Hurley said. “This is part of our commitment to make transformative postsecondary opportunities accessible to all students.


“We want our students to feel supported and know that we are in this with them.”

According to Undersecretary of Education James Kvaal, students’ FAFSA information, contained in Institutional Student Information Records, will be sent to colleges beginning in March, almost two months later than the original late-January date the department indicated when the overhauled FAFSA soft-launched in December.


Tarleton is committed to sending award letters to students as soon as possible after receipt of ISIRs from the Department of Education.


Tarleton’s priority date for 2024-25 merit-based scholarships remains Feb. 15.


Students are encouraged to apply by then for the best chance at receiving funding.

“It’s in our students’ best interest to submit the FAFSA and scholarship as early as possible and before the respective priority dates since we begin allocating awards soon after the priority dates.


“However, if for some reason, a student is unable to meet the priority date, the university continues to accept applications for scholarships and financial aid through the beginning of the semester,” said Dr. Javier Garza, Vice President for Enrollment Management.


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