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Summer fun: Karaoke and Krab Kingz are back this weekend at Lucky Vines Vineyard & Winery.

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Think you can sing? Or maybe you just enjoy watching those who think they can belt out a tune.

Either way, summer karaoke is back at Lucky Vines Vineyard & Winery and the fun is happening from 6-8 p.m. Friday, July 7. (Yeah, this weekend!)

Straight from the South Mangonadas will be on site and Lucky Vines will be selling cold dessert drinks that will give you some relief from the heat. (Think snow cones, but better.)

"This is a family-friendly event so feel free to bring the kids and grab a mangonada while you sip on a frozen sangria and sing your heart out," tasting room manager Summer Miller told Beneath the Surface News. "If you choose to sing a song - or five - we don’t judge and you'll get 20% off your wine!"

If it’s fresh seafood you’re after, make plans to return to Lucky Vines on Sunday when the Krab Kingz food truck will make a return appearance from 1-6 p.m.

Krab Kingz is a Texas favorite, dishing up Cajun-spiced seafood like Dungeness crab, shrimp and fried oysters.

Pair one of its delicious meals with a nice glass of Lucky Vines’ Tempranillo or Roussanne or enjoy a cold craft beer from Lucky Brewing Co. and you’ll have yourself a perfect end to the weekend.


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