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Stephenville is hosting its first airport fly-in in 8 years this weekend. Here’s what to expect.

If you are looking for something unique to do this weekend, head to Stephenville Clark Regional Airport on Saturday (Aug. 26) to watch pilots fly-in from across Texas.

Darrell Brown, Stephenville's new director of administrative services, said the city’s last fly-in was in 2015.

“My goal for these types of events is to highlight Stephenville attractions through the city’s airport by inviting pilots from across the state to fly into the area,” Brown told Beneath the Surface News.

The event will take place from 8:30 to noon on Saturday, and in addition to watching the airplanes land, there will be an antique car show and art exhibit by the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council featuring the works of local artists Pat Sharp and JoAnn Schulze.

Oh, and there will be breakfast as well.

Coldsmoke will provide a grab-and-go breakfast of burritos and coffee,” Brown said. “We are expecting to serve around 300 people, so it’s good while supplies last.”

Sounds fun, right?

Bring the kids. Bring the wife. Bring a friend. Or come alone.

This re-imagined event needs community support to keep it going.

There is no set time for the airplanes to fly in, but Brown said pilots like to come early and leave before it gets too hot.


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