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Shout out to these Easter Air techs who understand the true meaning of service.

Cole Pierce and Will Morris

Easter Heat & Air service technicians Cole Pierce and Will Morris are braving the summer heat to keep you cool while continuing to practice “no contact” service.

But behind the masks are two extraordinary men you’ll want to meet.

Will is a veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan. He grew up in Graham, Texas, and today he has his wife Ashlee, a compounder at Tanglewood Pharmacy, have two children, a son Shelton and daughter Hazel.

The couple are members of Lingleville Baptist Church.

“They are precious,” said Sheila Williams, owner of Easter Air. “Will has been with us for more than three years.”

Cole is a former professional bull rider with the PBR and truck driver originally from New Mexico

“He and his wife Nicole are newly married (she works for Prime Metal),” Sheila said. “Cole wanted to be home with her more so he went to HVAC school in Mineral Wells while working as a full-time intern with us for a year.”

They are also active members of Lingleville Baptist Church.

The next time you see these guys, thank them for their hard work and dedication to community, church and country.


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