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Shop with Lilly B’s. This online boutique sells stylish, affordable clothing for women of all ages.

Shannan Burch, owner of Lilly B’s Boutique, is wearing the fall fedora with leopard trim in chocolate and the airflow tiered top in black.

If you like to shop online, you are going to love Lilly B’s Boutique.

Owner Shannan Burch opened the online retailer four years ago and operates a booming business that focuses on affordable, stylish clothing and jewelry for women of all ages and body types.

“I stay very accessible; I cater to my customers,” Shannan told Beneath the Surface News. “I’m constantly looking at what’s trending and I stock it really fast. I’ll hit it hard for a couple of weeks and then I’m on to something new.”

Shannon runs the online boutique from her home in Comanche where customers are able to stop by and try on clothes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

She also has a storefront in Brownwood located at 508 North Center.

Shannan believes that everyone should look great no matter their size or age and carries clothing in small to 3X.

And here’s the fun part: She showcases her newest arrivals in a Facebook livestream at 7 p.m. every Thursday.

“We usually highlight 20 to 30 pieces every week,” she said. “It’s really fun and popular.”

Lilly B’s will also deliver right to your doorstep.

“We are the only boutique in the area that does that,” she said. “Every Wednesday my daughter delivers to customers in Stephenville – and they love it!”

Lilly B’s carries an eclectic line of clothing; dresses, tops, graphic tees, leggings, shorts and skirts.

And today, they are unveiling a holiday collection that includes adorable Halloween knits, tees and earrings as well as Christmas sweaters and tees.

One of the cute holiday-inspired sweaters you can find at Lilly B's.

Lilly B’s jewelry collection includes a line from Splendid Iris, which Shannan describes as similar to Kendra Scott, but less expensive.

And when it comes to bedding, the boutique carries that too.

“We have sold over 100,000 sets of sheets from the Bellagio 2100 series,” she said. “They are super soft and they last a long time.”

And if you are wondering how Lilly B’s keeps its prices so affordable, well it’s because they purchase in volume.

“We contract with a warehouse out of Los Angeles and we buy our freight in large quantities so we get the top price,” she said.

And with the holidays just around the corner, who doesn’t love that?!

Follow this online retailer on Facebook at Lilly B's VIP sales.


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