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My grandpup slept on my head last night. And I couldn’t be (sleepier) happier.

Milo is pretty well rested. Me? Not so much.

I’ve never had a dog sleep on my head all night - until Milo came barreling into our lives yesterday - all two pounds of him.

Milo is my daughter’s new puppy – an eight-week-old Maltipoo that is the cutest, sweetest, smartest, funniest, most lovable little guy you will ever meet.

We celebrated Milo's arrival with dinner on the patio.

Those who know my daughter Brooke and I might be spitting up their coffee right now.

Those two? Dog lovers? Since when?

Well, since yesterday, when we drove to Van, Texas to pick up little Milo from Kauble’s Kritters.

The daughter works from home and lives in an apartment in Dallas’ Uptown district.

She decided she needed a roommate – one that isn’t human – so a search for the perfect pup got underway late last year.

The Maltipoo checked off all the things she wanted in a pup and last week we located Milo.

I drove to Dallas on Wednesday so I could go with her to pick him up, because, well, stranger danger and all.

(Turns out the nice folks at Kauble’s Kritters weren’t dangerous at all.)

And now Milo is ours, er, I mean hers.

And he is about to have the happiest doggy life ever.

Milo has more toys than he knows what to do with, has been played with and cuddled since joining the VB clan and even enjoyed a little shopping trip to a quaint downtown boutique (traveling by purse) where he was the star of the show.

Milo is making his first of what will be many trips to Stephenville this weekend to visit.

And now I’m heading home to take a quick nap in case Milo wants to sleep on my head again tonight.

More on Milo later. Stay tuned.


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