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Keep your yoga mat clean and deodorized with this DIY spray by Chemistry Cachet.


I use a yoga mat weekly for my Barre class, and I always spray it down with this solution and wipe it off.

Some in my class asked what I was spraying so I shared our easy DIY recipe from the blog.

This spray cleans, deodorizes and removes dirt from your yoga mat.

Be sure to read past the ingredients for more information on disinfecting your mat.

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Ingredients you need:

10 drops tea tree oil

20 drops rose water concentrate oil (details on this in blog post)

1/4 tsp baking soda (optional)

Enough to Fill 1/2 spray bottle with rose witch hazel toner

Distilled water


In your small spray bottle, fill it up halfway with rose witch hazel toner; add tea tree oil and rose water oil.

If using baking soda, add now with a funnel if you want to make sure it all goes in.

Baking soda will combat odor even further, but can leave a residue, so only add this if you have a really funky smelling mat.

Fill the rest of the bottle up with a little distilled water.

Remember that disinfecting and cleaning are two separate steps.

This DIY yoga mat cleaner is fantastic for daily cleanings and wipe downs. Typically, once a week, I will take time to disinfect my mat.

Here is how to do it:

Use this DIY yoga mat spray to clean entire mat.

Follow up with pure 70% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.

Spray entire mat with the alcohol and allow it to sit for 10 minutes; wipe off.

I keep this DIY spray bottle in my gym bag and clean my mat off with it after each use. Tea tree oil is a great anti-microbial, but it is important to disinfect in a separate step.

Remember to read this article to learn more about this

You can head to the blog post to read more about each ingredient.

Alexis Rochester is an investigative chemist, blogger and founder of Chemistry Cachet. She shares science-based skin care, cleaning, gardening and health tips. She was diagnosed with RA at age 10, so she has a passion for pain management tips and research, along with sharing her journey through this disease. When she’s not writing for Chemistry Cachet, she is taking Pilates or Barre classes, and also received her Barre teaching certification this year! She grew up in Stephenville and recently moved back with her daughter, husband and bulldog. You can find her posting pictures and fun stories daily on Instagram. Also look for Chemistry Cachet on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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