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Ford Leadership Scholars are raising money to spruce up the Bosque River Trail. Here’s how to help.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Chloe Krause and Ryan Hess

Stephenville High School seniors Chloe Krause and Ryan Hess were selected as Ford Leadership Scholars through Texas FFA in May and now they are raising money to make improvements to the Bosque River Trail.

“We spent last summer in training and were required to identify a need in our community and adopt it as our projects,” Chloe told Beneath the Surface News.

It’s rare for two students from the same high school to be chosen for the honor, especially in a city the size of Stephenville.

Chloe and Ryan knew they would both need to contact the same businesses and organizations for fundraising, so they joined forces to raise money together.

The Bosque River Trail is a favorite place to enjoy the outdoors in Stephenville.

Calling her project “Cowboy Capital Cans,” Chloe is raising money to place trash cans every half-mile along the trail.

Businesses and organizations can purchase ads displaying their logos on the outer vinyl of the cans for $250, $500 or $700.

Ryan’s project involves placing stationary workout equipment (like pull up bars) along the trail.

“With everything going on right now, he thought it would be great for people to be able to exercise outside,” Chloe said. “And it will spice up the trail a little bit too.”

The duo is working jointly to raise $12,000, which will cover the cost of both projects.

“We are busy meeting with local businesses and organizations and have already received a couple of checks so we are excited about that,” Chloe said.

Chloe and Ryan hope to have all the money raised by Jan. 20.

If you would like to help these great kids raise money for their projects, call Chloe at 254-485-3802 or email


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