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Everything Shredded just got rid of decades of old documents for my mom. And it was quick and easy.

Talk about convenient. Everything Shredded pulled right in front of my mom's house today to shred old documents.

I was helping my mom look for a document last week when we both noticed the amount of unnecessary paperwork she had been holding onto.

Her desk drawers were crammed with bank statements dating back to the 1980s, old travel documents, thousands of receipts and other copies of bills and warranties.

There were shoeboxes full of old papers that had turned yellow over the years; things she had no idea she still had.

“Mom, we need to get rid of all this stuff,” I told her.

But the job was too large for her little home shredder.

So I called Everything Shredded, a new local business that will travel to your home or office to shred and dispose of those unwanted documents – the kind my mom had.

I spoke with owner LeAnn Durfey on Friday and she promptly set up an appointment with us for Monday afternoon.

“I’ll be at your mom’s house as soon as I finish with my Meals on Wheels route,” she said.

And true to her word, LeAnn pulled up in her big truck this afternoon, unloaded the trash bags and boxes full of papers, and voila, they were shredded to bits less than 10 minutes later.

And the best part of all was that we never left the house.

Everything Shredded is the only mobile shredding service in Stephenville, so you don’t have to hassle with loading and transporting the documents yourself.

The shredder is located inside the Everything Shredded truck and customers can watch their documents being shredded on a live feed right on site.

Everything Shredded will travel anywhere in Erath County and outside of the county for an additional fee.

Prices vary depending on the size and frequency of the job.

Give LeAnn a call at 254-595-6757 or email to schedule your appointment.

Because nothing feels better than an organized desk and closet.

Thanks LeAnn!

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Mar 21

While shredding decades-old documents for your mom was quick and easy, it's crucial to ensure any essential papers are properly archived or disposed of. Notarypublic24 can advise on which documents might require notarization before shredding, safeguarding against potential legal implications. Additionally, consider digitizing important records for easy access and backup.

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