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Everything Shredded is a new mobile service that will destroy those unwanted documents.

Drew Roberson and LeAnn Durfey, co-owners of Everything Shredded.


A new mobile business has hit the streets and is ready to shred. Literally.

Longtime Stephenville residents LeAnn Durfey and Drew Roberson have partnered to launch “Everything Shredded,” a business that will travel to your home or office to shred and dispose of those unwanted documents.

“Our business is unique because we come to you, so it’s convenient. We are the only mobile shredding service in town,” LeAnn told Beneath the Surface News. “Our shredder is inside the truck and customers can watch their documents being shredded on a live feed. Everything is done immediately on-site.”

Everything Shredded will travel anywhere in Erath County and outside of the county for an additional fee.

Prices vary depending on the size and frequency of the job.

Everything Shredded will host a grand opening celebration at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 20, at Rodeo Grounds.

Residents are invited to bring a box of documents to be shredded for just $10.

For more information call 254-595-6757 or email

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