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Erath County woman makes top 5 in Ms. Stars and Stripes competition. Here’s how to help her win.

Jessica Pipal carrying a flag in the Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo.

Jessica Pipal has been carrying flags for the Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo for the past eight years.

“My blue horse and I are always at the big rodeo and parades in town,” Jessica told Beneath the Surface News. “He’s the ham that’s always starving for attention and has the big stars painted on him most of the time.”

Today, Jessica is representing Erath County in the Ms. Stars and Stripes competition, a title that would give her the opportunity to promote agriculture.

“I entered the competition after joking about it with my friends because I’m not the pageant type,” she said. “I have made it through four cuts and now I’m in the top five. I really can’t believe I’ve gone this far!”

Jessica is a 2008 graduate of Tarleton State University.

She and her husband Cory own Pipal Construction and Lone Oak Storage.

If Jessica is named Ms. Stars and Stripes, she will win $25,000 and a spot in STAR magazine.

“It’s a great cause; their mission is to impact the future of agriculture through competitive learning, scholarships, education and events,” she said.

You can help Jessica win by clicking here.

But don’t waste time. The deadline to vote is Sept. 8!


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