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Erath County to reopen vaccination center this week after receiving 400 more doses of the vaccine.

There is more good news in the fight against Covid-19.

Stephenville Fire Chief Jimmy Chew told Beneath the Surface News that the state is sending 400 additional doses of the vaccine to Erath County this week and plans are underway to reopen the vaccination center on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We will vaccinate 200 people per day,” Chew said. “Residents who have signed up on the Tarrant County website will be taken by priority, and hopefully, we will get pretty far down on that list.”

Those who get an appointment will be contacted by an Erath County official in the coming days informing them when they can receive their shot.

The Erath County Vaccination Center is located in the Bosque River Center.


Stephenville’s health authority Dr. Kelly Doggett says he takes little comfort in Monday’s report that showed only two new cases of Covid, the lowest number of new cases reported in months.

And while the number of active cases has also dropped to 172 and hospitalizations is down to just one, Dr. Doggett says it’s still too early to tell if the situation is truly improving.

“We’ve seen this before; cases went to single digits daily in our area, then rebounded strongly,” he said. “Hospitalizations and deaths are still very high in nearby DFW and North Central Texas.”

Dr. Doggett says he is working to secure more doses of the vaccine and encourages residents to get involved.

I’m doing everything I can to get an increased allocation from the state and I could use help from our citizens,” he said. “I’d encourage them to write or email our newly-elected State Representative Shelby Slawson, DSHS Associate Commissioner of Regional and Local Health Operations Dave Gruber and Associate Commissioner of Laboratory and Infectious Disease Services Imelda Garcia and voice our need to be designated as a rural vaccination hub.”

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