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Dublin murder suspect appears in court to plead not guilty in shooting death of former girlfriend.

Murder suspect Jesus Manuel Deleon appeared in court on Tuesday with his attorney Andrew Ottoway who is pictured talking to District Attorney Alan Nash.

A Dublin murder suspect was arraigned Tuesday in Erath County’s 266th Judicial District Court.

Jesus Manuel Deleon made a brief appearance alongside his court-appointed attorney Andrew Ottoway and entered a not guilty plea in the shooting death of his 42-year-old former girlfriend Dora Santamaria Hernandez in Dublin in March.

Deleon, who is married, reportedly met Hernandez at a dairy where they both once worked.

After her relationship with Deleon ended, Hernandez reportedly began seeing another man, prompting speculation that the killing was motivated by jealousy.

According to the arrest affidavit, a witness told investigators that he saw Deleon approach Hernandez with a handgun, saying, “I told you, you were not going to be anyone else’s, just mine,” before shooting her once in the chest.

Deleon has been charged with murder and is being help on a $1 million bond at the Erath County Jail.


Garrett Reeves, another suspect in a local high-profile case, was also expected to appear in court on Tuesday, but his attorney, Jud Woodley, waived a pre-trial hearing.

District Attorney Alan Nash told Beneath the Surface News that future hearings and a trial date for Reeves has not yet been determined.

Reeves is accused of shooting his father, Erath County auditor Kent Reeves, multiple times with an AR-15 in April.

Reeves, who miraculously survived, has been released from the hospital and is back working full time at the Erath County Courthouse.


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