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Dip, eat, repeat. This spicy pumpkin soup pairs well with beer bread. Get both in Stephenville.

I love a good soup.

And if it’s spicy, I love it even more, which is why I am so excited to have discovered this pretty bottle of Mom’s Pumpkin & Hatch Chile Soup made by Fischer and Wieser at Venture19 in Stephenville.

I stored the bottle in my pantry until last week when a cold snap had me warming it on the stove for dinner.

I served it with a Soberdough Brew Bread kit I picked up at Cheerful Heart… and you guys, both were delish!

And talk about a simple meal.

Simply pour the fully-prepared soup into a saucepan, add a can of beer to the bread mix and pop it in the oven!

And voilà! Dinner is served!

By the way, this soup is not the watery kind you get in a can; it’s rich and creamy and very filling.

It’s also pretty spicy (The Husband said it set his lips on fire, but I think he was being a baby).

With cold weather sticking around, another bottle is on our Sunday night menu while we watch the latest episode of Bass Reeves.

You should get some for yourself.


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