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Stephenville City Council votes to rename Harbin to University Drive, but not everyone is happy.

Updated: 5 days ago

Stephenville's Harbin Drive will soon be renamed University Drive.


Harbin Drive will soon be no more.


The Stephenville City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to rename the busy street to University Drive.


Harbin Drive has recently undergone a major facelift and is the street that gives direct access to Tarleton State University’s football stadium.


Stephenville Mayor Doug Svien said conversations about renaming the street began several years ago.


“Basically, this is a way to highlight an institution that has the largest financial impact on the city of Stephenville, which is Tarleton,” Svien said.


The official change will not take place immediately.


“It will take several months before the change is actually made,” he said. “The city has to order signs and notify residents and businesses first.”


Not everyone, however, is happy about it.

Following Tuesday’s vote, social media exploded with some residents saying it will cause difficulty for homeowners and businesses located on Harbin.


One person who reached out to Beneath the Surface News said, “Do you think the city thought about all the individuals and businesses they have affected financially by the Harbin name change? Not to mention Harbin Drive was named after a judge.”










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