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County auditor ‘doing better every day’ after sustaining at least 15 gunshot wounds.

Garrett Reeves

Weeks after Kent Reeves was shot at least 15 times, allegedly at the hand of his own son, the Erath County auditor continues to make miraculous strides in his recovery.

Erath County Sheriff Matt Coates paid a visit to Reeves in the hospital last week and said he has been moved to a private room and is alert and communicating with visitors.

“He is doing better every day,” Coates told Beneath the Surface News.

Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos said Reeves plans to return to work as soon as he can.

“Given the progress he has made to this point, I guess that’s not out of the realm of possibilities,” Campos said. “However, he did a great job of cross training his staff and we are in good hands for day-to-day operations in the auditor’s office.”


Twenty-two-year-old Garrett Reeves has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on a $500,000 bond at the Hood County Jail.

He is accused of shooting his father at least 15 times with a 9 mm handgun and AR-15 just before midnight on April 9.

Investigators have not released details about a possible motive.

Garrett Reeves has reportedly not yet hired an attorney or requested a public defender.


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