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Bosque River Taphouse opening this summer in Stephenville.

If you like a good beer, you’re going to love the fact that a new taphouse is opening in Stephenville this summer.

I had the chance to speak with Sean Mosher, owner of Maverick Brewing Company, this afternoon (what a nice guy!) and he told me that Bosque River Taphouse is set to open at a temporary location on Graham Street in about 90 days.

“It’s going to have a really cool, relaxed vibe with an outdoor patio, indoor seating and upstairs balcony,” Sean told Beneath the Surface News. “We are actually making the beer in-house and we’ve hired a brew master who is an absolute genius.

“It’s going to be a phenomenal addition to Stephenville.”

Maverick Brewing Company has several types of craft beer, but its staple is a citrus-based IPA. There’s also an amber ale, pale ale and unique blonde ale that’s flavored with coffee liquor.

And for those who prefer wine and cocktails, the taphouse will serve that too.

The company is also working on the final architectural design for Bosque River Taphouse’s permanent location, which will be located at the corner of Swan and Harbin. The plan is to have that up and running in about a year.

Sean said the company plans to turn the temporary location into an events venue.

“SEDA is thrilled to welcome another family-owned and operated business to town. The coolest part of this investment is that their products will be developed and brewed right here in Stephenville, helping to elevate our region in the craft brew market which is proving to be one of the fastest growing business segments in the country,” said Jeff Sandford, executive director of the Stephenville Economic Development Authority.

We look forward to seeing Maverick Brewing and the Bosque River Taphouse name expand the profile of our town.”


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