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Bicycle of missing woman mysteriously reappears, but there’s still no sign of Sharla Shaffer.

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The bike that Sharla Shaffer left with on Friday evening reappeared at her parent's home Tuesday morning.

The story of a Stephenville woman who went missing last Friday night gets stranger by the day.

Four days after Sharla Shaffer pedaled off from her parent’s Erath County home on Friday evening – then seemingly vanished – the bicycle she left on mysteriously reappeared at the home Tuesday morning.

Sharla, however, is still nowhere to be found.

Erath County Sheriff Matt Coates said Sharla’s mother called authorities after noticing the bike about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Investigators immediately went to the home, but there was no sign of Sharla.

“Investigators have searched that location every day since Sharla disappeared and the bicycle was not there Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday,” Coates told Beneath the Surface News.

He said sheriff’s investigators, volunteer firefighters and tracking dogs with the Texas Department of Corrections are continuing to search for the missing 48-year-old.

He said the dogs initially picked up on her scent, but have not been able to track it.

“We have searched every bit of the home place, including inside the home, and now we are focused on an adjoining piece of property,” Coates said.

Meanwhile, Coates said the family maintains that they have not seen or heard from Sharla since she went missing on Friday.

When asked what he thinks might have happened to Sharla, Coates simply said, “I have no clue.”


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