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Barndominiums are the fastest-growing housing trend in the U.S. And yes, financing is available.

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Here’s something you might find surprising: Barndominiums are among the fastest-growing housing trends in the U.S.

The metal construction is considered tougher and more resilient than wood homes and they are cost effective to build.

And let’s face it, a gorgeous “barndo” is a perfect pairing to the wide-open Texas landscape.

If you are in the market to build a barndominium as your home or business, Prime Metal Buildings and Components can help.

The Erath County-based company has four retail stores and sells pre-engineered building kits and metal building components that contractors need to create one that is gorgeous and unique.

“Bardominiums took off in Texas before they became popular in other areas,” Prime’s Director of Marketing Nicole Pierce told Beneath the Surface News. “Prime has been manufacturing and designing metal buildings and building components before there was ever a fancy name like ‘barndominium’ attached to it.”

As its popularity has grown, so has the realization that barndos hold their value, making it relatively easy to get financing.

In fact, if you qualify for a loan for a standard house, you will likely qualify for a loan on a barndominium.

One of the area’s largest banks – First Financial Bank – offers financing for barndominiums and metal homes.

First Financial’s Blayne Bailey can assist with barndominium needs and Chelsea Hansen or Mailyn Baskett can assist with metal home financing.

If you want to learn more about an affordable, durable and energy-efficient barndominium, call Prime at 254-445-4462.


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