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Another victim says her name was also forged on candidate’s petition. ‘It was girlie handwriting.’

Things seem to be getting worse for a man planning to run as an Independent against Sheriff Matt Coates in November.

A second woman has now come forward claiming her signature was also forged on a petition to get Paul Tyus’ name on the November ballot.

Stephenville resident Jordyn Lopez told Beneath the Surface News that she was contacted by Edward Gordon, an investigator with District Attorney Alan Nash’s office, last week to ask if she had signed the petition.

She had not.

“At first I had no idea what he was talking about; I was so confused and thought it was a spam call,” Lopez said.

Gordon then explained that the petition was for a candidate running for sheriff and showed her the signature.

“It was absolutely not my signature, but you could tell it was girlie handwriting,” she said. “My husband and father’s names were also forged. You could tell that the same person who signed my name, signed my husband’s too.”

The information Lopez allegedly provided along with her signature included the couple’s current home address.

But there was a big problem.

Lopez and her husband hadn’t lived at that address for more than a year when the petition was “signed” on Aug. 8.

She said her family is not overly-political and would never sign a petition like that, especially for a man they don’t know.

Another woman who asked that her name not be made public because she is a local business owner told BTS News that she was also contacted by Gordan last week.

“He emailed me a copy of my signature and it wasn’t even close to the real thing,” she said. “The information also included my address and date of birth. It’s appalling. I was never asked by anyone to sign a petition and I plan to fully cooperate with the investigation.”

Meanwhile, Nash is refusing to say whether or not there is an open investigation into the matter.

Stay tuned.


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