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James Avery opens its doors at Washington Commons.

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

I was doing a little shopping at Washington Commons in Stephenville last week when I drove by James Avery and noticed it looked really close to opening.

So I stopped by and asked two friendly-looking guys standing in front of the store if they knew when it would open.

Next Wednesday, they said. As in June 15.

James Avery creates artisan jewelry; rings, bracelets, charms, earrings and necklaces, along with purses and wallets.

It is widely-known for its faith-based collection of jewelry that includes crosses and pieces adorned with scripture.

The company’s founder and namesake started the business inside his mother-in-law’s garage in 1954 and is headquartered in Kerrville.

Add a visit to Stephenville’s newest retailer to this week’s to-do list.

Oh, and Ashleigh Feuerbacher with the Stephenville Economic Development Authority told Beneath the Surface News that Ross is set to open in July.


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