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Wine-opening made easy: Ditch that old corkscrew and open your next bottle with the Cork Genius.

I knew we had a problem when, during a recent trip to see my daughter in Dallas, I couldn’t open a bottle of wine.

The corkscrew had been irreparably bent during a battle my daughter had with it while trying to uncork a bottle of Merlot.

The corkscrew won.

So it was good news when my mom purchased the Cork Genius for me and her grandkids.

It really is genius.

Here’s how it works: Use the handy foil cutters to expose the cork, then insert the wine opener into the top of the bottle (into the cork), pump three or four times and the cork will “POP” right out of the bottle!

It’s a cinch!

Then place the aerator into the bottle to pour you and your friends a delicious glass of vino.

If you don’t happen to drink the entire bottle, pop on the vacuum stopper and enjoy it later.

Each set comes with a foil cutter, wine opener, aerator and stopper.

A set of three will set you back $50.

A few of my faves are getting these babies for Christmas this year, but my daughter already got hers.

She needed it.


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