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Get that sun-kissed look: This highlighter is the best I’ve ever tried.


If you spot something unusually glow-y in Stephenville, it’s not an aftereffect from this week’s eclipse.


It’s me. And three of my girlfriends.


On a recent shopping/wine lunch adventure in Fort Worth to celebrate a 40th birthday (not mine, I’m way past that), the four of us purchased a tube of Dior Forever Glow Maximizer from Sephora.


I learned about this bit of magic-in-a-bottle from my friend Debbie, who will also become The Daughter’s mother-in-law in September.


We spent some time with them in Austin a few weeks ago and I noticed she looked particularly radiant.

“What are you doing? Your face is glowing,” I said, expecting her to tell me about an expensive facial or laser treatment she had done.


Instead, she ushered me into her bathroom and showed me the Dior highlighter.


At 53, I have a love-hate relationship with highlighters.


I like the way it can add a natural shine to my face, but some brands seem to work their way into my creases, highlighting all the wrong things.

(If you are a certain age, you understand.)


Dior doesn’t do that.


The Forever Glow Maximizer blends in seamlessly and lasts all day.


Dab a small amount on your cheekbones, tap into skin using a beauty blender, and voila, you’ll be as glow-y as the summer sun.


There are lots of colors in this line, but I opted for peach because it’s a little more bronze-y than the others.


A tube of this will set you back $45, but believe me, it’s worth every penny.


If you try it, let me know what you think.



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