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Whataburger gives Tarleton a big nod with outdoor signage. Oh, and the new restaurant opens soon.

Whataburger fans have something else to celebrate when the new restaurant opens in Stephenville later this month.

On the front of the building, still under construction on Washington Street, is signage acknowledging Tarleton State University’s importance to the city.

“We thought it would be appropriate to give a nod to our university and the students that are here and we worked with the developers to make that happen,” Jeff Sandford, executive director of the Stephenville Economic Development Authority, told Beneath the Surface News.

Weather has delayed the new restaurant’s opening, which is now expected to take place before the end of July.

Whataburger’s current building has been purchased by new owners.

“They are working with franchises to fill up that location and it will add to the mix in Stephenville,” Sandford said. “It is my understanding that it will be a place that’s new to the market, so that’s exciting.”

Stay tuned.

I hope to have more information on that front soon!


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