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‘Tis the season for dessert. Let Fancy Schmancy Pies make your next holiday gathering extra tasty.

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

My good friend Callie Fender who happens to be an amazing amateur chef is baking pies this holiday season.

Really, really good pies.

Think buttermilk and pumpkin ($20) and chocolate bourbon pecan and original pecan ($25).

Pie making is really not my thing (I can’t make a good crust) so I have already placed a Thanksgiving Day order (I went with classic pumpkin and chocolate bourbon pecan).

“This is my fourth year to do this and it’s really taking off,” Callie told Beneath the Surface News.

Ordering is a cinch; all you have to do is click here.

Callie will be making and baking pies from Nov. 20-Dec. 24.

So whether it’s a work potluck, holiday party or Thanksgiving celebration, let Callie make your next gathering a little sweeter.


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