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This CBD and collagen-infused pedicure is my new obsession. You will love it too.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

To be clear, these are not my feet. My toes aren't nearly this pretty.

Tim has been doing my nails for years now.

For someone who is always in a hurry, sitting through a fill every other week is pure torture, and that’s why I love Tim.

He understands my aversion to sitting still for too long and is quick and efficient when it comes to beautifying my hands. I’m always out of there in less than 45 minutes, 30 on a good day.

But today was different. I called LV Nail Spa in Stephenville this morning and booked an appointment with Tim for a fill and a pedicure. I needed a little pampering in my life and Tim was the one to do it.

No one gives a pedicure like he does.

Tim handed me a menu of services as I settled into the massage chair and I noticed that the salon has an array of new collagen-infused pedicures it’s now offering.

Like millions of other women, I have fallen head first into the collagen craze. I add a tablespoon to my coffee every morning and now I wanted it slathered on my feet.

I mean, who doesn’t want younger looking toes?

Then Tim tipped me off to something even better - a pedicure that only he is offering that’s a combination of collagen and CBD oils.

Be still my heart.

With two sore calf muscles I’m blaming on Sunday’s trip to the gym, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I opted for the CBD Gold pedi (there is also a CBD Rose) that includes a delightfully sudsy combination of collagen and CBD oils I soaked in followed by a scrub, mask, hot stone massage and muscle-relaxing gel.

There is even a cream mask for your hands.

Seriously, it was like taking a day-trip to heaven.

The one-hour service will set you back $80, but you will want to give Tim a generous tip, because, well, he will deserve it (and he is so, so nice).

If you need a little pampering in your life, call LV Nail Spa today at 254-965-3056 and make an appointment with Tim.

Unfortunately, I enjoyed the last CBD package he has in stock, but more is on the way.

This pedi is my new obsession and I will be keeping a standing appointment.

You should try it too!


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