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The next time you visit Dallas, make plans to dine at The Henry. And get the short rib potstickers.

Although we have lived in Texas now for close to three decades, I am strangely unfamiliar with the city of Dallas.

The Husband and I have friends who live in Fort Worth so that’s become our go-to getaway when we need a change of scenery. We just never seemed to make it any further east unless we needed to go to the airport.

What dummies we have been.

Our daughter recently moved to Dallas to begin a new job and we’ve discovered a number of great restaurants we’ve been missing.

Dallas is a foodie’s paradise; a mecca of old and new eateries showcasing some of the finest food in Texas.

One of our newly-discovered favorites is The Henry; an absolutely stunning restaurant located in Uptown with a funky, yet elegant vibe.

We made reservations to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and enjoyed a fantastic dinner in a place where atmosphere does not come second.

Think big windows that overlook downtown and fantastic lighting. There is also an amazing patio with a spectacular view, but a thunderstorm kept us inside (which brought the cozy factor up a notch.)

The Thai grapefruit smash

We enjoyed cocktails at the bar (you will want to make time for this). Chardonnay for me and a Thai grapefruit smash made with vodka, Thai basil and grapefruit for the birthday girl.

(She had two.)

The waitstaff suggested we start with an order of short rib potstickers served with toasted sesame, cilantro and ponzu. The dish is a favorite among regulars and it was easy to see why.

It was so good we were tempted to place a second order.

We then moved to the dining room and settled into an oversized booth for dinner.

I never pass on the opportunity for seafood, and The Henry features a fairly new dish of seared ahi tuna with green curry rice, shiitake mushrooms, snap peas and fresh basil drizzled with a spicy coconut lemongrass broth.

It was fantastic.

The Henry fancies itself as a “neighborhood restaurant,” but it’s much more than that.

They also serve a variety of unique salads and sandwiches and other mouth-watering main entrees like Scottish salmon, Bolognese, braised short rib and a harvest bowl I can hardly wait to try.

This amazing place should rise to the top of your list of great restaurants to try in Dallas.


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