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The Midland Hotel and Chophouse is a shining gem. Discover what else you’re missing in Hico, Texas.

We were supposed to enjoy a private performance by Sam Riggs Saturday in Hico, but that little ol’ pandemic forced a change of plans.

Luckily it didn’t deter us from heading to the quaint Texas town where we met friends for a little wine tasting and fantastic dinner at the Midland Hotel and Chophouse.

I promise the short drive to Hico is worth it. The Husband and I are kicking ourselves for not having dinner there sooner.

The hotel is a shining gem, decked out with that old-time feel you would expect to find in the area.

These pimento cheese croquettes are incredible.

But the unexpected came in the form of food; it was one of the best dinners we have had in recent memory.

The Husband is a snob when it comes to steak; he’s hard to impress. But the ribeye he had at the Chophouse did the trick. Flavorful, tender and served with a side of potatoes and asparagus.

I had the salmon served over a bed of freshly-made pasta that was equally delicious.

If you go, don’t skip the chopped salad or the pimento cheese croquettes served with creamed kale. That might be the tastiest thing you’ll ever eat.


Just a few doors down from the Midland Hotel sits an unassuming winery you should be paying attention to.

Silver Spur’s owner Phil Lopez is a native Texan who lived in Santa Rosa, California for two decades before returning to Texas to start the vineyard.

Today, he operates the boutique winery in Hico where we enjoyed a tasting of his delicious reds and whites.

The Tempranillo was my favorite red and the unoaked Chardonnay has hints of lemon zest, kiwi and grapefruit.

We are fans.

Don’t wait to spend an afternoon in Hico where you will be greeted with an array of cute shops and great food.

And while you’re there, take a picture in front of their funny downtown sign.


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