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The little post that could. The viral message that upended my life is still going strong.

It was just an ordinary #WisdomWednesday post; a short quote by British author Sue Fitzmaurice I spotted on social media a couple of weeks ago and stored away.

When I shared the message to Facebook last week, I had no idea it would go viral, getting more than 288,000 likes, 188,000 shares and 5,700 comments.

Who knew this little guy would go viral?!

I shared the message because I liked it; it spoke to me.

But soon after posting it, I noticed an unusually high amount of traffic on

Two days later, it all went gonzo, spreading like wildfire and becoming the fastest-growing post I’ve ever made. (Thanks Sue.)

What made so many people share that particular quote? I’d like to think that the message simply resonated with them as much as it did with me.

It’s a message that speaks to the undercurrent of anger so many people seem to have these days; one that prompts some to get riled up over the seemingly smallest things while ignoring the big matters like children going to bed hungry and people living in worn-torn countries.

Five days later, and the storm surrounding the little post that could is still going strong.

The upside, of course, is that it’s given Beneath the Surface News and its advertisers a moment on the world stage.

The downside means it’s attracted the attention of all kinds of people, which can be, well, a little unnerving.

I have received hundreds of messages from people who want to engage me in some way.

One woman wanted to know how she can fix poverty. I suggested she make a donation to a local food bank.

Two men told me I was pretty, which was kind of nice, but then there was the guy who told me to “grow the f*%k up.”

At 52, I don’t know how much more growing up I can do, but I’ll try.

There was also the woman in the UK who asked me to contact the police about the neighbor who is spying on her and a woman in Canada who wants me to introduce her to Erin Brokovich.

Apparently, her tap water tastes bad.

I ignored both of them.

This afternoon I received a nasty message from a woman who accused me of plagiarism.

“NICE QUOTE, BUT YOU FAILED TO SOURCE IT!” she screamed via all caps.

I wanted to tell her to read the small print on the original post, but decided to ignore her too.

If you’re looking for a little entertainment on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, check out the comments.

Meanwhile, I’m going to cover up with a blankie and pray for deliverance.

And when Wednesday rolls back around, I won’t be sharing any wisdom.


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