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The Husband and I got The Shot. This is how it went down.

The Husband and I got The Shot on Monday.

You know, the one everyone is debating about?

We got the call we have been waiting for last week then scheduled our appointments for first thing Monday morning at the Erath County Vaccination Center.

We were greeted with friendly and familiar faces and a well-organized system that had us in and out in about 20 minutes (and that includes the 15 we sat in the observation area after.)

We received the Moderna vaccine, which means we will get a second shot in four weeks.

Lots of our friends and a few family members are still undecided if they will get the vaccine. We understand their concerns and respect their decision.

For us, the decision boiled down to this: We had Covid-19 back in November and it made us incredibly sick.

The Husband was hit harder than I was, and quite frankly, it scared me to death. Neither of us ever want to feel that way again, so our decision to get the vaccine was pretty simple.

But you do you.

This story isn’t about encouraging you to get it, it’s about our experience.

It’s been a little more than 48 hours since we received the vaccine, and I was totally hoping to tell you that we felt great afterwards.

Unfortunately, we weren’t that lucky.

One day after getting The Shot, we started experiencing some side effects: Dull headache, body aches and arms that felt like we got punched.

Our oldest son, who is a doctor, explained that we could feel fatigued and feverish after receiving the vaccine, but that those symptoms would likely be short-lived.

He was right.

After a fairly rough Tuesday (we slept most of the afternoon), The Husband and I are happy to report that we woke up Wednesday morning feeling back to normal.

We are excited to have taken a step toward getting back to normalcy and already have a few trips on the schedule this year.

Traveling without the worry of getting (or spreading) Covid is, for us, a tremendous comfort and we are anxious for round two.

Stay tuned.


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